This site is dedicated to the continuing exploration of our universe.
Most of the links here will take you to science oriented  sites. I've also included links to my photo page &  a research paper I did a some  years ago as well as other favorites
My links to the universe
This link will take you to NASA's home page.

This will take you to the Keck Observatory
in Hawaii
This will take you to the Allegheny Observatory in Pittsburgh, Pa.
This will take you to the Kitt Peak Observatory in Tucon, Az.
Help find ET at seti@home
Here's the link to my research paper
My other links
Here's a link to all the stuff you need to play Heretic II  on-line for free
This is the link to my photographs.
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It's our home,
Please recycle
Want to learn about naked eye  observation
Go meet the Star Hustler
Seek out new life forms and explore the universe
The SYFY Channel
Where the universe and your TV  meet
Made in the USA
The Dallas Mavericks
Welcome to my Klans'  Homepage.
      Rebel Artists Twirling Steel
This is my member's page @ >R@S<
Last updated on: June 12, 2016
Check out our local astronomy club
If you like gardening,
then this is the place to go.
Here's Paranel Observatory in South America
The Pittsburgh Steelers
Ask Jeeves
The Pittsburgh Penguins
Come see the universe through Hubble's eye
Penn State controled  space observatory
Join the No# 1 SETI Team in the World
Check out the worlds largest Super Collider
The Pittsburgh Pirates
Orange County Choppers
designed with Homestead
Sundiata The "Lion" King of Mali
A Play by The PSUGA Players
Penn State University Greater Allegheny Campus
Visit the Very Largr Array and learn about the Universe you can't see
Find your frinds on Facebook
Visit the World's Largest Binocular Telescope Observatory
Learn about Professor Stephen Hawking
Learn about Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson
Visit the Master of the Cosmos,
               Carl Sagan
Learn about one of the greatest men of the 20th century.
           Albert Einstein
The Minds behind the science
Dallas Marks
Check out my videos on You Tube
Paul jr Designs
Red Jacket Firearms
Bryan Cole Music
Check out the Moon
Need a Place to Jam? Check it out.
The Jades
Hillbilly Way
Music in the Burgh
Winter's Decent
Slim Forsythe
Gaze Upon The Heavens
American Band